Why use a softener?

  Hard water is usually water that has 8 grains per gallon of hardness. Most utility providers typically have 15 to 20 grains per gallon of hardness. Hard water can cause water spots on glass, and reduce the life of water appliances (like the dishwasher, water heater). Using a softener can extend the life of plumbing fixtures and appliances. A softener can also leave dishes cleaner and help clothes last longer and brighter.   

Why get a drinking water system?

 Local water agencies use chlorine or chlorinate to disinfect water. Water can also contain harmful chemicals that come from water sources in the ground. These chemicals are bad for your health and can create taste/odor issues for your water. A drinking water system can help eliminate these chemicals providing clean, safe drinking water for coffee, tea, and cooking. Drinking water systems also reduces excess sodium from water softening.  

What are my water needs?

  On City water supplies, Chlorine and hardness are usually the biggest problems homeowners deal with. A quality softener and a carbon filter are a good way to deal with that. Add a reverse osmosis drinking water system and you’ve got a great package.  It is important to note that every water supply is different and can call for additional filters. For Well Water customers, we specialize in customized water systems based on the results of a detailed water analysis. No two Well Water samples are alike!  

Why is Micropure a better price?

  With years of experience in installing and servicing most brands of water systems, we have a great advantage over large sales companies. We do not have to pay a subcontractor to perform your installation. As a licensed contractor we perform all sales, installation and service ourselves. No subcontractors mean lower cost for you. We do not have any commissioned sales people and no high-pressure sales pressure tactics. You can even get an estimated quote over the phone!   

Do note! We cannot drill through granite counter tops for installs.

System for a business/restaurant?

  Yes! We do specialize in commercial systems as well. Our technician has installed systems in major hotels, Starbucks stores, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Have a quality water system can prolong the life of your plumbing equipment and appliances, can provide healthy and clean water for your customers while leaving your dishware cleaner, keep hard water stains off shower doors in a hotel, help dry cleaners and car washes save on soap costs, and can provide quality drinking ice in a restaurant or hotel. Contact us today for a free estimate and professional installation. We provide affordable maintenance as well.  

Can you help if I am out of your service area?

  Yes, we can still help you. Our technician has done work all over the United States and can build a system for you based on your local utility provider water report. We can also send out filters for replacement. Contact us for more details.  

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