Softeners & Conditioners


Effective Water Softeners & Conditioners

Hard water scaling and hard water spots are the result of hard water coming from your water source. Our Water Softeners and Water Conditioners from Micropure in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area will remove the hard minerals from the water source.  By treating your water with our water softeners and water conditioners you can enjoy:

  • Longer Lasting Appliances (up to 30% longer)
  • Less Detergent/Soap/Cleanser Use
  • Cleaner Dishes, Towels, Linens
  • Softer Hands
  • Fresh & Clean Tasting Water

Water Softeners: Our Four Layer Media Water Treatment System

Stop the hard water with our water softening systems. Micropure Water Softeners use four layers of water treatment media that not only soften your water, but also filter and condition it as well. Our water softener/conditioner eliminates stains, scale deposits, soap scum, clogged plumbing, cleaner laundry with less soap usage, chlorine reduction, bad taste and odor removal, and better feeling water throughout your home or business. 

Customize Your Water Treatment Needs

Our four-layer water softeners can be customized to meet any water treatment need. Some water sources may require a special water treatment media or system to remove a particular contaminant. Whether your concerned about bacteria, rotten egg odors, or sediments Micropure can help! 


When you live in an area with water softener restrictions, our water conditioner is an excellent alternative. Micropure Water Conditioners treats your water to prevent scaling without using any salt, or potassium. Remove chlorine, achieve hard water reduction, and protect your home or business from the damage caused by hard water.  


Residential Systems

Now offering Legacy View

Legacy View makes setting up and monitoring your water treatment system easier than ever. When used with a Legacy View Valve the user, through the app, can do the following functions: 

• Conveniently view all valve settings and status 

• Easily change valve settings 

• View current water usage information 

• Graphically view water usage information 

• Start a regeneration or backwash cycle from your phone or tablet 

• Set / view the servicing water treatment dealer information 

• Better understand how your system is working and understand what settings are for 

• Connect to all of your valves in your system (if they are all Legacy View Valves) 

• Manage your connection to your valves 

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Reverse Osmosis Systems



Complete Water Purification

Enjoy delicious and safe drinking water available 24/7 with our reverse osmosis water purification system. MICROPURE makes water purification simple. 

Five-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Remove contaminants, tastes, and odors from your drinking water with MICROPURE's five-stage reverse osmosis system. This powerful system produces fifty gallons of purified water per day and only needs its filter changed once a year. Use the purified water for drinking, cooking, steam irons, humidifiers, and more! 

Water Filtration Systems

MICROPURE also offers a wide range of water filtration systems for home and commercial use. These space-saving systems attach to your current water source with no need for a storage tank. Our water filtration systems can feed into ice machines, refrigerators, water coolers, and other places, constantly providing clear great tasting, and odor-free treated water.