Scale Prevention Systems


The hard truth

 Many water supplies, municipal and well, contain hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium). These minerals form a scale and create problems in water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers and plumbing systems.  

The issue

The negative effect of calcium is that it creates scale on pipes, hardware, and surfaces. This leads to high energy costs for heaters and expensive repairs for ice machines, coffee machines, and other appliances. The scale also may breed bacteria. The positive effect of calcium enriched water is a health benefit and an important nutrient needed to help prevent or minimize diseases such as heart disease. Ideally, consumable water should contain adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium which are both found in hard water.  


The technologically advanced Media is the innovative solution that prevents all of the negative effects of calcium and magnesium, while allowing the positive health benefits to remain. The system is maintenance free, chemical free, salt free and does not require regeneration and backwashing.  

Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softening

 The classic water-softening unit operates on the basis of ion exchange; exchanging calcium and magnesium ions in water with an equivalent amount of sodium (Salt). When a water softener is used, the result is “soft water”, with increased sodium content in the water supply. Additionally, softening units require water for backwashing and common brine water salt water for regeneration. Alternatively, the Filtersorb SP3 water media acts as a catalyst by accelerating the transformation of the calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless Nano particles. When the inlet water goes into the water conditioner tank, the Filtersorb SP3 media acts as a catalyst and pulls the hardness minerals of calcium and magnesium out of the solution and then transforms these minerals into inactive Nano crystal particles. Because the hardness minerals have been transformed into Nanoparticles, these Nanoscopic particles make their way through plumbing systems without attaching to pipes, fixtures, valves, or heating elements. The end result being conditioned water with minerals, not “soft water” but water containing the same mineral content as the source.  

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